Monday, February 6, 2012

Character Creation Rules for Rise of the Runelords Campaign

First of all, thanks to Stuart for the very kind plug for my new site!
Also, thanks to Geek Related for providing an excellent write-up of how to use Fate Points in Pathfinder, copied and pasted below. I will be sending these rules out to the players for my upcoming game ;)


Aspects! Please write 3 aspects for your character before you reach the gaming table, we will create 2 more for each character when we get together for the first session. The first three should be as follows: The first aspect should be a description of your character’s archetype, such as “Half-orc sorcerer in tune with nature’s fury”, “Physically perfectionist elven wizard”, or “Charming Sunderer”. Try to make sure your character’s core competency makes it into your first aspect.
The second aspect should describe your character’s trouble, the main weakness or stumbling block that keeps causing trouble for the character. It can be a personality trait that causes trouble for the character, or it can be something bad that just keeps happening to him for some inexplicable reason. Examples: “Why did it have to be fairies?”, “Vengeful over hurt pride”, “Family Man”.
For the third aspect, think about what motivates your character, what shaped him to become who he is, and what pushed him to the life of an adventurer. The best aspects are ones that can be used both for or against your character. ex. “Must protect my friends at all costs”, “People are not always what they seem”, “I Heart Forbidden Lore”, “There must be some way I can find a profit from this…”
Each character will get 3 fate points. When you level up, they will be refreshed. You can get more fate points whenever your character suffers due to one of his aspects (depending on the situation, this could result in failed skill rolls, damage, or just social humiliation). Spending a fate point allows you to either reroll the d20 roll you just made, or add +4 to it, your choice, but you can only spend a fate point when one of your aspects applies to the roll you’re making. For instance, “I Heart Forbidden Lore” could help you if you’re doing research or trying to recall facts about some kind of demonic monster, but it wouldn’t help you on a to-hit roll against a goblin. Regardless of aspects, a fate point can always be spent to stabilize you if you’re dying.
For those who are interested, my other character creation rules for this game are as follows:

Stat Rolling: I'm experimenting with a new idea of doing 4d6, drop the lowest, but having the players roll 8 times and keep the lowest result along with the five highest results. Theoretically, this will create characters with multiple good stats, but one "flawed" stat, which I speculate could be good for character development.

In addition, a player can re-roll the entire stat line if they promise to do a song and dance at the first session ;)

Perk: Each character is allowed to pick one "perk." This can be 

A) An additional feat.
B) A minor spell-like ability, equivalent to a 0th level spell (3x/day) or even weaker than a 0th level spell (at-will)
C) An heirloom magic item.

Some players have used this for other things. For example, we needed an arcane caster, and the closest we had was a Bard. So the Bard used her perk to gain the ability to cast as a Wizard, and to cast from the entire Wizard/Sorcerer arcane spell list, instead of just the Bard spell list.

Leveling up: We will start at level 0, and be leveling up per GM fiat. As this game will only meet approximately once a month, I'm going to be skimming quickly through the Rise of the Runelords content (with heavy modifications by yours truly), hitting only the important highlights and avoiding long dungeon crawls and side-adventures. If we can keep up the pace, I hope to level the characters once per session, and take about 3-4 sessions per module, getting us through the entire campaign in, well... about a year and a half.

Should be fun!

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