Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feeling out a new idea

I can't say I have much readership here yet, but I'll go ahead and post this here for the sake of appearances, at least:

I have a preliminary question: I'm developing an alternate setting for the Pathfinder system which I want to put together as a fan-made supplement. From there, my goal would be to develop adventure paths within this world, in the style of the current Paizo adventure paths.

Do I have friends who would be interested in writing for an adventure path using the Pathfinder system? I'm thinking of doing six installments, the way Paizo does it. Each volunteer writer would be assigned one installment. Within broad guidelines, you would have a great deal of room for personal creativity to develop the module.

Raise your hand if you may be interested. I can send you more details.

The blurb about the world, tentatively named Ava:

In the deepness of the void, Great Xintarion, the World Dragon, curls protectively around her single egg. Ava, the World Egg, dreams. He dreams of an entire continent that has been abandoned by the ancient and noble race that once lived there, vanished without a trace. He dreams of two great human empires whose rivalry drives each to feats of magnificence, but threatens a war to destroy them both. He dreams of magical machines built to be so clever that they walk and talk like men. He dreams of a hole blasted on the land, destruction so complete that no magic can heal it. And he dreams of the haughty elves, who sing to him in his sleep, but who, in their exaltation, ignore the woes of the world around them. He dreams; while in the deeps, beyond the pale of Xintarion’s watchful claws, Zaggath’Thul the Hungerer draws closer.


  1. I would be interested. not particularly familiar with pathfinder.

  2. Thank you, Poposhka! Pathfinder is very similar to Dungeons and Dragons. Fantasy setting. I'll be doing a full writeup of the setting before recruiting writers, so you'll have reference material.

    Drop me an email at, and please include an example of your writing, along with a paragraph or two about your experience and why you are qualified to write a roleplaying module. Then I can keep your information on file for when I'm actively recruiting writers.

    Thank you!