Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lone Wolf Reborn: Introduction

Alright folks, I know I promised you a post about gamebook creation, discussing the game side of a gamebook, and that is still coming. I'm working on it.

In the meantime, I don't want to hold off on all other posts. For the time being, I thought I would share my adventures in the world of Lone Wolf with you, that 80's classic by Joe Dever, which forever galvanized gamebooks as an artform both holy and wise into my impressionable young child's mind.

I still get a little shiver of excitement reading through the opening lines. Get a load of this gold:

In olden times, during the Age of the Black Moon, the Darklords waged war on Sommerlund. The conflict was a long and bitter trial of strength that ended in victory for the Sommlending at the great battle of Maakengorge. King Ulnar and the allies of Durenor broke the Darklord armies at the pass of Moytura and forced them back into the bottomless abyss of Maakengorge. Vashna, mightiest of the Darklords, was slain upon the sword of King Ulnar, called ‘Sommerswerd’, the sword of the sun. Since that age, the Darklords have vowed vengeance upon Sommerlund and the House of Ulnar.

Oh yeah, gimme more of that good stuff =D

So, over the next... however long, I will be periodically updating this blog with my adventures in the world of Magnamund. I hope to make fun yarn out of it for you folks, as well as having fun myself.

I've read them before as an adult... several times. But I always get bogged down in book three. The initial plotline resolves at the end of book two, and the change of pace to Caverns of Kalte is a bit jarring. Besides, book three is hard. In italics, no less.

I don't know what it is, I just tend to lose interest after I die a half dozen times with no sign of what the correct path is. (Game balance! One of the things I will be discussing in my upcoming post on the "game" aspect of gamebooks. Stay tuned!)

Anyway, I'm going to have one more go in hopes that, this time, I can push through and actually build up my Kai Lord all the way to the end. For Sommerlund and the Kai!

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