Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lone Wolf Reborn: Episode 5 - Another Murky Cave

Sorry it's been so long, folks. (Or, should I say, Stuart--thanks for being game and commenting on these ;) After my several week hiatus, I'm starting to find my writing feet again, getting this rolling again. Because my focus is on the major project I'm working on, I can't promise I'll update this as frequently as I did before, but it is still something I would like to continue.

Here goes...

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Deciding that crawling into dark places has worked well for you in the past, you hunker down, push aside the hanging vines, and edge your way into the dark cave. Within moments, the darkness swallows you whole. You feel around for a torch, but you are not carrying one, so there is nothing for it but to feel your way forward, one step at a time.

A rustling above gives you pause. A second later, you hear an insectile chittering sound. It is growing closer!

A terrible weight falls upon you, wriggling with carapace and thousands of tiny legs. You shriek and try to push it off, but sharp teeth burrow into your flesh! The darkness puts you at a disadvantage, but you must fight!

Even as the slimy tentacles try to get a purchase on your face, you manage the heave the thing off of you and throw it to the ground. With a lucky guess, you sink your blade through the thing in the darkness, impaling it and pinning it to the floor.

You touch the wound on your shoulder. You are bleeding, but it is not serious. Shivering with the creepy horror of being attacked by a big bug in the dark, you wrench your belt from its death grip and continue on your way.

Some time later, a light appears before you. Catching your breath--you are almost afraid it will vanish if you look too closely--you rush ahead.
You burst free of the cave into open air. At last! Clean, fresh air, blue skies! Coming into the light, you take a second look at what you presumed to be your own belt. As it happens, you are already wearing your belt! You must have grabbed the belt of some other poor soul, the Burrow Crawler's latest victim, perhaps.

Investigating the slimy, half-rotten belt, you find a Dagger in fine condition, and a belt pouch with 20 gold! His loss is your gain--you pocket the gold and the dagger and continue on your way, now feeling more confident that you are heading the right direction.

After some hours of travel...

The forest begins to thin out until finally you can make out a road through the trees ahead. The highway is full of people heading south. Many are wheeling their possessions along on handcarts.

If you wish to join the refugees and perhaps learn more of what has happened in the north, turn to 30.

If you would prefer to continue to move south but under cover of the trees, turn to 167.

[Save Point: 157. Turns out the cave had nice people who want to give us treasure, after all! In a manner of speaking. The Carrion Crawler Burrow Crawler just wanted to give us a hug! Regardless, at the end of the day we're up 20 gold and a dagger, and down 3 endurance points. Thanks to healing, however, we've already healed 2 of that. I call this a win.]