Friday, April 13, 2012

K: Kylarra

Kylarra is not a name that will mean much to most of you at the moment, but hopefully it will someday. Kylarra is the name of one of the two leads in the novel I'm working on. This is a character profile.

Kylarra is a woman of indeterminate age, with the beauty of youth, but without the soft edges. She is a sorceress from an ancient bloodline, exiled from her ancestral homeland due to the crimes of the forefathers of her particular branch of the family. So she lives as a wanderer, traveling from place to place, earning her living through song and, when a buyer can afford it, her magic.

As we get to know Kylarra, we discover that she has a troubled past. As a woman, travelling alone along the Barren Coast, she has seen her share of uncouth men and foul language. Her magic and power have protected her--from all but one man, her equal in power, charisma and seduction.

What the reader will discover is a dark tale of desire and betrayal that left Kylarra a damaged woman. She managed to extricate herself from a situation that had spiralled into abuse, but only barely, and the scars from that time are still livid upon her soul.

As the story progresses, the ghosts of Kylarra's past rise up to threaten her. Due to her magical bloodline, she has power, but there is danger in that power. If she overextends herself, magically, the Beast of Magic could enter her, pushing her out of her own body and turning her into a demon-woman of terrible power and overwhelming evil. 

With her emotional state becoming frayed by reminders of her past, Kylarra struggles to keep hold of her sanity, and keep her magic under control. When her best friend, the person who is her best and only link to the world, is threatened by the same evil man who hurt her, will she be able to master her own power and rage long enough to execute a rescue, or will she succumb to the desire for revenge?

There you have it, ladies and gents. Overly dramatic? Maybe. WTF, it's a practice novel. We'll see.

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