Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lone Wolf: Reborn - Episode 10

Well, the prophecy was wrong about me making the Monday post. Stupid prophecy. I trusted in you!

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Descending the ridge into a misty depression in the earth, you slowly approach the ominous Graveyard of the Ancients. As you enter the mist that keeps this place in a perpetual gloom, your horse shies and whinnies. Soon, he absolutely refuses to go further. You dismount, and the white horse quickly gallops back up out of the valley. You are on your own now.

Thorny graveweed tears at your clothes and cuts your legs as you press on into the murky graveyard. Gravestones loom out of the gloom like shadows, startling you with the strange and terrible faces carved into the stone.


As you fight back a gagging sensation from the foul gasses that seem to rise from the earth here, suddenly the ground cracks and splits, sagging beneath your feet. You freeze, your heart racing in panic as you realize how unstable the ground is beneath your feet.

Carefully, you shift your weight to step backwards--when the earth gives way completely beneath you, and you fall into darkness.

When you gather your wits about you, you find that you are coughing from the stirred up gravedust, but otherwise unharmed. Striking a torch, you are startled by a large sarcophogus looming in the shadowy light. You step forward, extending your hand to investigate, when the Sixth Sense of the Kai Lords screams at you to leave! leave! leave!

Judging it best to follow the wisdom your masters worked so hard to teach you, you leave the sarcophogus alone and press on, exiting the chamber via the only visible door.

The walls are dank and slimy. The stale air chokes you and cobwebs brush across your face. You can feel panic grip your stomach, as the tunnel gets darker and darker.
You reach a junction where the tunnel meets a corridor leading from north to south.

If you wish to turn north, go to 26.

If you wish to go south, turn to 100.

[I usually skip directional choices, but this one seems appropriate. It's a dark, dank tomb; being lost is part of the fun! We have now had time to fully heal, so we're as prepared as we can be for whatever dangers we may face down here. May good luck guide your choice! Save point: 104.]


  1. A lot of this adventure has already gone south, so let's beat the dead horse and go that way.