Monday, May 7, 2012

Lone Wolf Reborn: Episode 6

I put this game on hold during April while I did the April A-Z, but now I'm ready to pick it up again. And since I'm running out of ideas on Gamebook Theory, this may be my primary staple of the blog for a while. (With other random thoughts on writing, stories or games thrown in once in a while as well.)

As it's been a while, I'll give you...

The Story Thus Far: Our hero, Silent Wolf, was out gathering wood as punishment for misbehavior when his monastery was attacked by agents of the Darklords. After a millenia-long absence, the Darklords have returned in strength, attacking towns and strongholds all across the land in a massive surprise attack. But their first and greatest blow was against the Kai Monastery, home to their ancient enemies.

As the last of the Kai Lords, YOU must brave perils and monsters to journey to the capital city and warn the king. YOU may be the land's only hope...

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Upon seeing the stream of refugees on the road, you decide that it would be too dangerous to expose yourself there. You fade back into the trees and continue your journey on foot through the wilderness.

After some hours passing under the trees, using your survival skills to find your way south, something catches your attention. Looking more closely at a large boulder nearby, you see two legs sticking out from behind it.

You are about to move on, when your Sixth Sense warns you [Sixth Sense Skill Used] that this person is loyal soldier of the King. He is wounded, and he needs help. You rush to his side, to find the soldier lying next to his spear and shield in the mud.

On the shield is the painting of a white pegasus—the Prince of Sommerlund’s emblem. He is one of the Prince’s soldiers, and he is only just conscious. His uniform is badly torn, and you can see that he has a deep wound in his left arm. As you move nearer, his eyes flicker open. ‘Heal me, my Lord,’ he begs. ‘I can barely feel my arm.’

You quickly apply what Healing skill you posses [Healing Skill Used].

Placing one hand on his forehead and the other on his wounded arm, you feel the warmth of your healing powers leave your body and give strength to the injured man.

He thanks you weakly, introducing himself as Trimis. Then remembrance comes back into his eyes, and he grips your arm, saying, "Prince Pelethar! Kai Lord, my prince is under attack, to the south. A great force of the Darklord's creatures are attacking him near the bridge of Alema. I was carried by a Kraan to this place, and dropped to die. You must help him!"

As you make the man comfortable and prepare to continue on your way, you dwell upon your options. If the Prince is under attack by a large force of the Darklord's creatures, it could be very dangerous to get involved. How much difference could you really make? And yet, can you leave him to his fate in good conscience?

What is more important, saving the Prince, or making sure to complete your mission to reach the King? As you journey on to the south, you hear sounds of battle near Alema bridge. What will you do?

If you wish to follow the sound, turn to 97.
If you would rather continue south, turn to 6.

[Save Point: 264. We are fully recovered from our Wounds, thanks to the Healing Skill. And our combat skill is quite good. But as I recall, this is a very tough fight, if we choose to take it. What do you think?]


  1. I want to follow the sound - I'm itching for a fight.

  2. Don't go, Lone Wolf! It's a trap! (in the best SW: RotJ parlance)