Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lone Wolf Reborn: Episode 8

In case you've missed past episodes, see these links...
Lone Wolf: Reborn - Episodes 123456, 7

Turning the Prince's white horse southwards, you kick your heels into the flanks and leave the battle, and the dying Prince, far behind you. You ride for hours before coming to rest beneath a tree, where you stop and eat a Meal (mark 1 meal off).

Upon resuming your journey, you travel for several more miles before reaching a junction where the trail leads east and west. The sign has been hacked down, but looking at your map, you determine you must travel east to get to the capital, so you follow the road in that direction.

You have ridden about three miles when, in the distance, you spot the unmistakable silhouette of five large Doomwolves. Riding on their backs are Giaks. They seem to be going on ahead to where the path leads down into an open meadow. Suddenly, one of the Giaks leaves the others and begins to ride back along the path towards you.
If you wish to hide in the undergrowth and let him pass, turn to 176.
If you wish to fight him, turn to 340.

[Short entry this time, but this seems like a relevant decision to put to the group. After eating that last Meal, we are now out of food. It's only been two paragraph sections without combat, so we've regained 2 Endurance, but we're still rather injured (18 out of 24 Endurance.) Hiding might be safer, but this Giak might have plot. What do you think? And... save point this time is 32.]


  1. I would like to hide on this one.

  2. Hiding seems the sensible thing to do!

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys! Sorry about the delay in the next episode; it's been a crazy week.

    Next week, the prophecy foretells that all posts shall be on time... So it is written in the ancient scrolls of fortune.