Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lone Wolf Reborn: Episode 9

Apparently it's taken Lone Wolf a full week to make up his mind. That Giak sure is a patient fellow...

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Before the Giak can reach you, you turn and swiftly shimmy into the undergrowth. Just as the Doomwolf and it's rider come around the bend, you stop moving and look back with half-lidded eyes. You can hear every chuff and whuff of it's breath, and see the evil features of the rider as it goes by, but they do not sense your presence.

[Here I would like to include one of the beautiful illustrations by Gary Chalk.]


Once the danger is past, you carefully back away further into the trees. When you judge yourself a safe distance from the road, you mount up and ride east. [I'm making some of the boring choices for us here, guys.]

The Prince's horse is a fine one. Despite treacherous ground and long hours, he carries you with confidence, nimbly stepping over rocks and tree roots. By the time evening falls, you have reached the edge of the forest.

Here you see a large road, the north-south thoroughfare between Port Toran in the north and the capital city of Holmgard to the south. The road is eerily empty, with neither refugees nor enemies abroad. Grateful for the peace, you ride through the sunset until the light becomes too treacherous to continue, then grab a restless few hours sleep by the side of the road.

You awaken to the sound of Kraan calling above you, but they fly off northwards--they do not seem to have seen you. Stretching out aching bones, you press on. The road curves south now; the capital shouldn't be much farther. Soon, you come upon a high ridge. From here, you should be able to see the King's City. As you ascend the ridge, a startling sight greets your eyes.

Before you are the tall grey-white walls and glimmering spires of Holmgard, the city’s banners fluttering from the battlements in the fresh morning breeze. Stretching out towards the west, the River Eledil traces its course from the mountains of the Durncrag Range to the Holmgulf. But below the mountain peaks you can see a vast black army marching relentlessly on towards the capital.

With a sinking heart, you consider your options. At top speed, you could make the gates of the city in an hour, but you and your horse would cut a fine figure for the sweeping armies of the Darklord that are approaching. Alternately, if you abandon your horse, you could try to swim up the River Eledil, using the riverbanks for cover. Or, one final option: you could attempt to navigate your way through the deep and uncertain terrain of the Graveyard of the Ancients, which stretches across several miles to then northeast of the city. You would likely be safe from the army, but who knows what other unknown horrors might await you in that dark and foul place?

If you will try your luck by the highway, turn to 202.

If you feel that you stand a better chance of reaching the capital via the river then turn to 135.

Or if you are brave enough to risk the unknown perils of the Graveyard of the Ancients, turn to 329.

[Not much happened for quite a few entries. The good side of this is that gave us plenty of time to heal up. We've regained 7 Endurance, bringing us to 25 (I mis-spoke last time; our total max is 28, not 24). We're moving into the final stretch here, and this choice will determine what climactic encounters we must face. Choose wisely! Save point: 153.]


  1. The Graveyard of the Ancients all the way. How can you resist a place with a name like that? A place probably full of powerful undead and eldritch abominations? It would be rude not to go there.

  2. It really would be rude to ignore a tempting name like that, wouldn't it?

  3. With a name like "Graveyard of the Ancients," it's just BEGGING to be explored. (looted, too, under different circumstances, but this is neither time nor place)