Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lone Wolf: Reborn - Episode 11

It's not dead yet! Despite all evidence to the contary...

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Cursing, now, your decision to enter the Graveyard of the Ancients, you look with despair at the identical tunnels in the maze-like catacombs you have fallen into. Your Kai Sixth Sense gives you no insight here into which way may be best.

Choosing a tunnel at random, the one that you feel must lead north, you inch your way down the spiderweb-encrusted corridor. Before long, the hallway makes a turn to the left... and you see a greenish light farther up ahead. You look back briefly, wondering if the other path may have been better, then shrug and continue.

The ancient carven floor eventually gives way to a staircase leading down. The stones crack and grind as you descend the staircase, sending up puffs of bone dust with each step. The staircase descends into a round, open room, with a single door on the far side. The path leading to that door is lined with a row of marble plinths, and atop each column stands a skull, each skull facing its pair across the path.

To add a final flourish to the macabre scene, the eyes of each skull are glowing with a greenish light. That light is what you saw emanating from this room, back in the tunnel.

You lift your foot to take a step onto the skull-lined path toward the arched opening across the room, but hesitate. You mistrust those skulls. But would it be safer to destroy the skulls first, or to just hurry across the room?

If you wish to walk across the room to the archway, turn to 169.
If you wish to attack the skulls, turn to 107.

[Choices be made! Save point: 249]