Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lone Wolf: Reborn - Episode 12

The adventure continues...

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The dark, circular room has a heavy atmosphere, and the two rows of skulls with green, glowing eyes lining the path ahead of you give you an unsettling feeling. A certainty comes over you that you do not want to walk between those lines of glowing eyes.

Without a second thought you heave your sword and bring it crashing down on the nearest skull. To your horror, inside is a slick, grey jelly, writhing and bubbling. As you watch, tiny, misshapen wings begin to form. Without waiting to see what it becomes, you turn and smash the next skull, and the next, picking up speed as you go.

A click ahead catches your attention--a portcullis is falling across the doorway ahead of you! Without bothering to destroy the last few skulls you leap and roll--just in time. The portcullis lands with a crash behind you, completely sealing off the area.

Moving ahead, you find that the corridor widens into a large hall. Before you, you see a staircase that ascends to a great doorway of carven stone. The illumination in this room comes from two black candles flanking the stairs, but you notice that no heat comes from those candles, and no way has melted from them.

Cautiously, you ascend the staircase to the great doorway, marveling at the carvings on the walls and door. As you grow closer, you search for some means to open this door. Upon close examination, you find that a pin seems to lock the door, but there is also a keyhole near to it.

An ornate pin appears to lock the door, but

there is also a keyhole in the lockplate.

If you have a Golden Key and wish to use it, turn to 326.
If you have the Kai Discipline of Mind Over Matter, turn to  151.
If you wish to remove the pin, turn to 337.

[I think we're nearing the end of the dungeon. We must not have done that well, because we don't have a Golden Key. We also don't have Mind over Matter, so this is going to be an easy choice. Try not to let the suspense get to you; we'll find out what happens next time!]

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  1. I guess I'd better pull the pin. Let's hope its not in a grenade.