Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lone Wolf: Reborn - Episode 13

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Carefully, you ease the pin from it's socket--until you hear a faint click. With one sudden movement, you leap to the side, taking the pin with you.

Your quick reactions have saved your life, for a vast granite block has fallen from the ceiling and crushed the steps, just in front of the lockplate!

Breathing a sigh of relief, you dust yourself off and look up. A shaft of grey sunlight comes in from the ceiling, through the opening made when the block fell. Grabbing on to some nearby roots and vines, you scale the opening, and come out onto the surface at last.

Tombs and gravestones surround you in the shadowy necropolis, but to the south you can make out through the mists the arched southern gate to the great graveyard. Without wasting any more time, you pick your way between the graves and exit through the gate.

Clambering up the steep, musty hillside, you find that you are not far from the painted-log walls of the city's outer defense works. Scanning the sky for the Darklord's minions, you hurry across the intervening distance. The guards on the city walls see you coming, recognizing you by your green Kai cloak, even though it is torn and dirty from your travels.

They throw the gates open and greet you with jubilant cheers. Then, with sobering faces, they ask, "Where are the other Kai Lords?"

You explain the sad fate of your kinsmen, and the news hits the guards hard. No longer cheering, they make way for you to pass through. One of the officers leads you into the city proper to meet with the king, but once you get there, you find the city streets a chaos of refugees and frightened civilians. The officer struggles to push through, but you grow impatient.

If you wish to continue following the officer, turn to 3.

If you feel that you stand a better chance of making your way to the King’s citadel on your own, turn to 144.

[Save Point: 129. We're apparently not there yet. I guess more is going to happen in the city here. We got lucky with that roll for the pin; it was 0-4 = death, 5-9 = survival. I rolled a 10, but before I rolled I had decided to stick with my previously established convention (unconventional though it may be) of subtracting one from the result rather than treating 10's as 0's. (I just like being able to root for the high numbers  in combat :) I actually wasn't sure which result led to what this time; it was quite a relief when I realized we had narrowly avoided being crushed by a giant block.

On that note, how do you guys think we should play this? Are we in hardcore mode--stop as soon as we die the first time? Or do we get respawns? Any limit to the number or way in which we respawn?]


  1. I'll follow this man.

    Maybe have 1 respawn per book?

  2. One respawn per book sounds fair. So far, I haven't been able to make it past book three. We'll see how far we can get this time ;)

  3. Get out your weapon and smash the crowd aside. Hey, you're Lone Wolf, the last Kai, these ordinary folk are meaningless!