Friday, June 29, 2012

Lone Wolf: Reborn - Episode 15, End of Book 1

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You enter the secret passage between the bookcases after only a moment's hesitation. The old man leads you through dark, winding corridors for perhaps ten minutes, his steps sure and unflagging. When he finally stops, it almost takes you by surprise. With a moment's searching, he tricks another hidden latch and leads you up into a large, plush room with a bath in one corner.

"Please make yourself comfortable. The King will see you soon," he says, leaving you alone in the chamber. The luxury of these apartments are unfamiliar, but that doesn't stop you from enjoying the bath. You sigh as the hot water steams grime and sweat from your skin, and eases aches from your bones. With regret, you pull yourself from the bath after only a few moments. Your duty is not yet done.

The old man returns to find you dressed in clean white robes. He smiles and nods, and leads you down yet another corridor, to a huge door flanked by two men in silver armor.

[At last! We get the treasured "Turn to 350!" I admit, it doesn't have quite the same ring as "Turn to 400," but I'll take it.]

The door opens and you enter the Chamber of State, where the King speaks with his advisors. Together, they consider a vast map spread on the table before them, their faces lined with worry.

A silence fills the hall as you tell of the death of your kinsmen and of your perilous journey to the citadel. As you finish your story, the King approaches and takes your right hand in his.
‘Lone Wolf, you have selfless courage: the quality of a true Kai Lord. Your journey here has been one of great peril and although your news comes as a grievous blow, the spirit of your determination is like a beacon of hope to us all in this dark hour. You have brought great honour to the memory of your Masters, and for that we praise you.’

You receive the praise and heartfelt thanks of the entire hall—an honour that brings a certain redness to your young face. The King raises his hand and all the voices cease.

‘You have done all that Sommerlund could have asked of a loyal son, but she is greatly in need of you still. The Darklords are powerful once more and their ambition knows no bounds. Our only hope lies within Durenor with the power that once defeated the Darklords an age ago. Lone Wolf, you are the last of the Kai—you have the skills. Will you journey to Durenor and return with the Sommerswerd, the sword of the sun? Only with that gift of the gods may we crush this evil and save our land.’

If you wish to accept the quest of the Sommerswerd, begin your adventure with Book 2 of the Lone Wolf adventures:

[Huzzah! We made it! I find it a little funny that the climactic final sequence of choices you make is no less than three instances of "do you follow this man," but whatever. Here we are! Congratulations!

So, who wants to start the next book?]


  1. Well, let's put this in perspective...

    Option #1: "Yes, Your Majesty! I shall embark on this holy quest to regain the Sommerswerd and drive back the tide of evil and save our land from destruction and fix all ills afterward!"

    Option #2: "Nah. I did my part, Kingy. I told you about the invasion. I'm out of here. I hear there's a fortress in Kalte that's nice this time of year."

    Hmm...tough choice!