Monday, July 30, 2012

Let's Play Lone Wolf Book Two: Fire on the Water - Episode 4

For the story so far, see Book One or prior episodes of Book Two: 12, 3

You scour the nearby area for the rogue, but he is no where to be seen. At last, you are forced to assume that he has made good his escape.

Feeling uneasy that your enemies have caught up to you so soon in your adventures, you make your way back to the harbor, untie a little boat, and paddle yourself out to the Green Sceptre, watching your back the whole time.

The sailor on deck scowls and begins to pull up the ladder, but you shout to him who you are, and his eyes widen and he lowers the rope ladder again. At the top, you are met by a man in a gold-braided uniform who introduces himself as the Captain.

"Haul anchor!" he cries, as soon as you are on board, and the crew spring to life, guiding the sleek vessel out of the harbor.

The Captain takes you to his quarters, where he pours two glasses of wanlo, a strong spirit, and you discuss your troubles.

‘There is evil treachery at work and the enemy already has plans afoot to thwart your quest,’ he begins when you’ve told your tale. ‘It seems that you have lost the element of surprise—and I have lost a courageous first mate. Let us only hope that the voyage to Durenor be swift and safe.’
You leave him to go up on deck just in time to see the outline of Holmgard on the horizon. With mixed feelings of pride and apprehension, you descend the stairway to your cabin as the last spire of the capital disappears from view.

[Alright folks, random encounter time! Someone roll me a d10. First one in wins... um... well, theirs will be the number I use. That counts as a prize, right? Save point: 300]


  1. 1 it is! Expect the next installment on Monday (sorry for forgetting to update earlier this week.)

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