Monday, July 23, 2012

Lone Wolf Book 2: Fire on the Water - Episode 2

Sorry for the delays everyone! Been a busy week. Another thing I'm going hoping to do is actually start posting some more thoughtful and interesting blog posts as well. My goal is to do one real blog post a week, on Fridays, and two Lone Wolf posts a week, on Monday and Wednesday. We'll see how well I can stick to that!

Anyway, everybody seemed to like Hunting last time for our new Kai Discipline, and I have to say I was kind of leaning toward that myself. So this episode we will begin... Fire on the Water!

If you're joining us new, check out Book One or prior episodes: 1

After you have bowed to the King and sworn to return with the Seal of Hammerdal or die trying, Guard Captain D'Val leads you to the Royal Armory to pick out equipment for your perilous journey. He gives you a coin with 16 Gold Crown in it [bringing our total to 40, if we can hold on to it.]

You cheerfully trade in the trusty axe that saw you this far for a finely forged Broadsword that catches your eye. The blade's gleaming silver lines, sharp edges and heft suit you much better. [We will now get the +2 bonus from our Weaponskill.] In addition to that, the Guard Captain allows you to claim two additional items so that you will be well equipped. After some thought, you decide upon a Shield and a shirt of Chain Mail, figuring that the best defense is a good defense. [The Shield gives us another +2 in combat, just to be ridiculous, and the Chain Mail gives us +4 Endurance. I figured that was better than the Healing Potion; they both give us +4 Endurance, but we could potentially get the +4 from the Chain Mail multiple times, if we ever get to heal back up to full. This does mean we still have no food, but hey, what did we take Hunting for, anyway?]

Captain D'Val bids you good luck once you have made your selection, and shows you out of the castle, where a coach awaits to take you to the docks.

You let your eyes close as the coach jostles along the cobblestone streets of Holmgard. You are injured and exhausted from your journey so far, yet you are only just beginning. If it is true the Darklords themselves have returned, the fate of all Sommerlund may depend upon your quest. You suddenly feel very small, and very alone, yearning for the wisdom of your elders--elders who all perished in the sneak attack upon the Kai Monastery.

There is no one else, it must be you.

The coach comes to a stop, and the driver says in a street accent, ‘This is the quay, my lord. There is your ship, the Green Sceptre.’ As he speaks the driver points across the quay to a sleek trade caravel anchored near to the harbour wall.

‘The first mate’s name is Ronan. You will find him waiting for you across the square at the Good Cheer Inn.’ Then the driver bids you farewell and quickly disappears into the teeming crowds.


You reach the inn to find the front doors locked and the window shutters barred. You are trying to decide what to do next when a hand grabs your arm and you are pulled into the darkness.

If you wish to draw your weapon and attack your unknown assailant, turn to 273.

If you wish to try to pull free of his grasp, turn to 160.

[The adventure begins! Save point Page 1]


  1. Take my new broadsword out and slice off the impudent fool's hand. No one...NO ONE!...lays hands on the almighty Lone Wolf!

    1. You have been very active on gamebook blogs recently. You new to gamebooks?