Monday, August 6, 2012

Lone Wolf Book 2 - Episode 5

For the story so far, see Book One or prior episodes of Book Two: 123, 4.

Clear weather and good winds bless your departure from Holmgard. The Green Sceptre slides through the waves like steel on silk, catching a full wind that zips her ahead. You get your first good nights sleep in what feels like months, since before the raid on your monastery.

The next morning, you come out on deck to the smell of the sea and the sound of seagulls cawing above you. The wind is brisk, and seems to wash away your worries. You treasure the moment, knowing that it is not likely to last.

Captain Kelman joins you on deck and says, "If this weather holds, we'll be to Port Bax within a week."

You smile, and congratulate the captain on his good sailing. After a few more moments, he points out a rocky point up ahead says, "See that there? That's Wreck Point. It's the southernmost tip of the Kirlundin chain. That isle's Mannon. Made of rocks, it is, and deceptive to many a sailor. Here, have a look."

He passes you his brass telescope, and you focus on in the rocky point ahead. The shattered hulls of more than a dozen trading ships litter the rocky point like great skeletons. A shiver runs down your spine at this chilling reminder of how fragile you all are, at the mercy of the open ocean.

"Is there any danger for us?" you ask, passing the telescope back. The captain looks up, shading his eyes against the blue skies, and replies, "Danger? Always. But on this trip, I think there will be no trouble. This sea helps us along, and the winds are right."

Following his gaze into the sky, you see a storm cloud gathering in the distance. You point it out, saying, "What about that storm?"

The captain looks where you point, and his face darkens. He whips out his telescope and looks at the cloud, which seems to be growing darker by the minute. Then he spits a curse and folds up the glass.

"What is it?" you ask.

"That's no cloud, Lone Wolf. Those are the armies of the Darklord. They're coming for us."

The Captain goes off, shouting orders to his men to prepare for battle, while you take the telescope and look for yourself. Sure enough, you see a swarm of Kraan and Zlaanbeast, large enough to darken the skies.

The alarm is shouted along the deck: ‘Prepare for battle!’

If you wish to stay on deck, ready your weapon and turn to 146.

If you wish to return to your cabin, turn to 34.

[What is your will? Save point: 224.]


  1. Go to my cabin while the enemy is upon us? never! I'm going to prepare for battle!

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  4. I'm going to cut a small boat free and paddle away from the Green Sceptre. Something tells me this boat is NOT safe.