Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lone Wolf Book 2 - Episode 6

To catch up on the story so far, see Book One or prior episodes of Book Two: 12345

The sky darkens as the horde of dark creatures descends upon the Green Sceptre. Kraan slam into the mast and rigging, setting the ship to rocking. A Zlanbeast lets out a trumpeting roar, and drops a net full of Giaks onto the deck of the ship!


Some of the Giaks are crushed in the fall, but many others fight their way free of the tangle of ropes and limbs and emerge, weapons bared, slashing at nearby sailors.

Bravely, you leap forward to engage the Giaks single-handedly!

[Roll: 2, we lose 3 hp, they lose 8] You slash ferociously at the crowd, felling a Giak with every swing, but the little monsters fall in, surrounding you, and several of their blades bite you from behind.

[Roll: 3, we lose 2 hp, they lose 9, killing them.] You dodge and weave, taking only a few more scratches before you are able to lop of the head of the last of them. You stand panting and clean your blade, looking around the deck for your next foe.

Kraan rend the sails with their claws and teeth, their batlike wings beating a storm around the ship. Giaks swarm over every inch of the deck, but the sailors have mounted a defense now and fight back, huddled in clusters.

A tremendous roar catches your attention, and you look up to see a fierce Drakkar charging one of the knots of sailors! Those men are already pushed to their limit by the Giaks, if the Drakkar gets to them, it could spell doom for your allies!

You leap forward and dive into a roll, coming up running to intercept the Drakkar with a cut to the leg. It dodges with surprising nimbleness and whirls on you, it's breath stunning you with the noxious stench while its  huge, notched blade whistles by your head. You must fight!

[Roll: 10! At our combat skill, that barely makes it to instant kill!] Siezing the moment without delay, you step up under the Drakkar's guard and sink your blade to the hilt in the man-thing's belly, slicing up, under the ribcage, to pierce its heart. The Drakkar coughs blood, and dies.

You kick the slumped form off your blade and look up to see the Giaks all staring at you, fear in their eyes. You smile malevolently, and the little beasts fall back, emitting shrieks of terror.

Captain Kelman, siezing the advantage, calls to rally his men and they charge the Giaks! You join the battle, and the Giaks die by the score. Those who do not die, leap into the ocean to avoid their fate. The day is won!

‘Our thanks, Kai Lord,’ the captain says and shakes your hand. ‘We are proud and thankful to have you with us.’

A cheer resounds along the deck as the crew voice their praise.

Though it takes most of the day to clean the deck of the signs of combat, Captain Kelman swiftly brings down the damaged sails and replaces them with fresh ones, allowing you to continue your journey without delay.

Several days of travelling pass without event, allowing you to fully heal from the wounds you received in the battle. However, on the fourth day you exit your cabin to a strange sensation--sniffing, you identify the smell of smoke!

You rush to follow the smell, and find smoke pouring out through the cracks in the door to the ship's hold!


If you wish to enter the hold, turn to 29.
If you wish to shout ‘Fire!’ turn to 236.
If you wish to warn the captain, turn to 101.

[Save Point: 240.]


  1. Shouting 'fire!' seems like the sensible thing to do :)

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  3. Guest is a s**thole spammer.

    I'm going to go in the hold. Must be a couple of the crew stealing a few moments on a cig, maybe they'll share.