Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lone Wolf Book 2 - Episode 7

To catch up on the story so far, see Book One or prior episodes of Book Two: 123456.

"FIRE!" you cry, with all your might, and the ship bursts into activity. Sailors boil from their posts or cabins, carrying buckets of water and wetting large pieces of canvas to put out the fire. You help another man lift the trapdoor to the hold, and smoke surges from the opening, forcing you to fall back, coughing.

By the time you contain the blaze, the sun is noticeably higher in the sky, and all of the ship's food and fresh water has been destroyed. The captain emerges from the smoking hull, soot on his face, and says in a grim voice, "We must talk."

You follow him to his cabin, noticing that he carries a bundle beneath his arm.

Once you're inside the cabin, he makes sure to latch the door securely, then dumps the bundle out on his desk. A cracked earthenware jug and several blackened rag fall to his desk in a tumble of soot and char. The whole arrangement gives of a strange, oily smell.

‘This was no accidental fire,’ he says solemnly. ‘This was an act of sabotage. The forward hold is a food store yet I find this oil jug and these soaked rags upon the floor. Someone on this ship is prepared to risk his life to stop us reaching Durenor.’

You stare at each other across the evidence for a long moment, and then a cry goes up from outside, "Ship! Ship's ahoy!"

The captain rushes outside...

If you wish to follow him, turn to 175.

If you would rather make a quick search of his cabin, turn to 315.

[Treachery! Raise your hand if you're surprised. Anyone? Anyone at all? Save Point: 222]


  1. I'll follow the captain. He seems like a nice guy.

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  3. I'll follow the Captain, but not until I beat the hell out of appyzone and Drywell Repair spammers.