Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lone Wolf Book 2 - Episode 9

To catch up on the story so far, see Book One or prior episodes of Book Two: 1234567, or 8.

[Apparently I was totally wrong about the save point. 208 goes to a totally unrelated section, much farther in the book! Good thing I noted down 197 as well... anyway...]

You are woken the following morning by the terrible rocking of your ship. It sways and bucks, as though the ocean itself were trying to throw it off.

Donning your clothes as quickly as you can in the uncertain gloom, you rush outside, to find sheets of rain pouring from the sky. The captain shouts, waving for you to go back down. But just then, you hear a terrible crack--and look up to find the main mast has split, and the huge beam of wood is falling right toward you!

Breath catching in your throat, you run as quickly as you can--but you are too slow! A part of the rigging slams into your back. The impact knocks the wind from you, and you feel yourself falling, while terrified shouts sound from behind you.

The splash of cold water shocks you to your senses. You scramble, thrashing in the water, trying to find the surface. When you broach air, you see the ship getting farther away from you, a beacon of light fading into the darkness of the storm.

You fight your way through the storm to another piece of debris and hang on. From the amount of broken bits of wood around here, you don't feel good about the Green Sceptre's chances...

Fighting exhaustion, numbing cold and trembling fingers, you cling to the hatch cover until the storm breaks and you waken to clear skies in the late afternoon. You shade your eyes against the sun to look around.

In the distance you can see a small fishing boat and beyond it, on the horizon, land. The only trace of the Green Sceptre is the hatch cover on which you now sit.

If you wish to use your cloak to try to signal to the fishing boat, turn to 278.

If you wish to ignore the boat and paddle towards the shore,turn to 337.

[Well, so much for our ride. Save Point: 141. Oh, we also lose 2 endurance from the blow to the back. Healing should take care of that right quick.]