Monday, October 15, 2012

Lone Wolf Book 2 - Episode 11

To catch up on the story so far, see Book One or prior episodes of Book Two: 123456789 or 10.

Despite the aching exhaustion in all your limbs, you force yourself to stay on guard and alert. You tell the sailors it's so that you can watch for any other survivors, but in truth, you're watching your travelling companions as much, if not more, as the open sea.

Not a flag or sail is to be seen, no matter how far you look. But near at hand, you notice the sailors muttering amongst themselves and glancing in your direction. You resolve to depart as swiftly as possible once you touch land.

It is nearing dark when the small fishing vessel passes into the harbor of Ragadorn. You can smell the city before you get there, the tangy, fetid spice of humanity and harbor scum.

 As the ship touches the dock, you stand by the gangplank, eager to get down. But before you can go, the men lowering it turn and fold their arms, blocking your path.

"Leaving so fast?" says the captain. "Without even a goodbye? I thought a fine dressed gentlemen would have better manners than that."

The men grin, and one of them adds, "Yeah, a little gratitude for saving your life."

You take up a defensive stance, and the faces of the men darken. Something tells you these men won't be satisfied with a tip. You put your hand on your sword and open your mouth--

when a blow to the back of your head turns your world upside down. You lose track of things for a moment, and then something huge and flat slams into your whole body, jarring you with enough force to shake teeth loose. Vaguely, you realize it was the deck. You struggle to rise, but your limbs won't cooperate. Your vision fixes blurrily on something hovering in front of your face. Slowly, you focus on it--a massive, balled up fist.

The fist comes toward you quickly, and you know no more.

* * *

When you awake, you have a splitting headache, and nothing else. You struggle to your feet, thankful you at least have your clothes. But searching through your pockets, you find that you have nothing--not even the Seal of Hammerdal.

Stifling despair, you must decide how to proceed from here. Looking around, a faded sign greets you:

Welcome to Ragadorn
You fear the rumours about this place are true. It is nearly dark and it has started to rain. You must find the Seal if you are to persuade the Durenese to give you the Sommerswerd. Looking round, you see a large market square with a stone signpost in the centre, indicating the various roads that lead off the square.
If you wish to go east along Barnacle Street turn to 215.
If you wish to go south along Eastbank Wharf, turn to 303.
If you wish to go north along Booty Walk, turn to 129.
If you would rather go west back to the jetty and search for the fishing boat, turn to 86.

[Right, this exciting part of the adventure. Where you lose everything. What next guys? Anyone have any ideas? Save point: 194. Oh... all of our beautiful gold!

Quick clarification from the group: the text says your Gold, your Backpack, your Weapons, and all your Special Items (including the Seal of Hammerdal) have been stolen by the fishermen.  It doesn't mention Armor. Does Armor count as Special Items, or do we get to hang on to the Shield and Chainmail Waistcoat? What about meals and the Crystal Pendant (which is theoretically supposed to be serving as memory that we met that one dude, for reference in a future book.)

As a point of interest, a note in the text mentions that in the Mongoose Publishing edition, you only lose your Weapons and the Seal of Hammerdal here. The note also invites the reader to follow those rules if you prefer.

Personally, I would probably vote for losing the gold, of course, but otherwise following the Mongoose Publishing version, and not worrying about special items, armor or clothing.]


  1. I'd go back and search the boat for clues as to the whereabouts of those miscreants...

  2. In Legends of Lone Wolf, Lone Wolf was actually killed by the fisherman and was brought back only by the intercession of Alyss. What a great concept that was!