Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lone Wolf Book 2 - Episode 12

[Because I'm a wuss, I'm going to go with the Mongoose Publishing version, in which we only lose our Weapons and the Seal of Hammerdal, except that I'm also losing the gold because that seems like a "duh" factor. (Who wouldn't take your gold?)]

To catch up on the story so far, see Book One or prior episodes of Book Two: 12345678910, or 11.

The harbor isn't any nicer at night, not with a bump the size of an eggplant on your head and the rich smell of drunks and sewage to consider. But you are a man on a mission. You will find those thieves, and no smell will stand in your way.

You scour the docks for hours. You never thought Ragadorn could have this many ships moored. You are just about to give up, when you spot a small dinghy tied up in a shadowy alcove, off the main docks.

Hurrying to it, you clearly recognize the ship you sailed here on. It's a simple matter to pull it in close enough to slip aboard. Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any guards. Lucky for you, you turn up a Mace and 3 gold coins.

Just as you think you are out of luck, you spot a folded piece of paper that fell off a short table. Opening it, you find:

North Star Tavern—Barnacle Street
You take the Mace and Crowns and return to Stonepost Square.
If you choose to go east along Barnacle Street turn to 215.
If you choose to go south along Eastbank Wharf, turn to 303.
If you choose to head north along Booty Walk, turn to 129.

[Which way, gentlemen? Save Point 86]


  1. I guess it would make sense to follow the lead and head down Barnacle Street.

  2. Guys, guys... can we REALLY say no to going doing Booty Walk?

  3. Ashton!

    Its good to hear from you man! New York City is definitely a crazy place! Amazing food and tons to do but certainly different from the old mountains of TN.

    So how and where are you these days? Anything fun or interesting going on in your life? Ever think about going to Nepal or volunteering again?

    I hope all is well in your life, have a great week and I hope to talk to you soon. Take care!

  4. Go get 'em! Thrash them and leave them hanging upside down and naked above the fishing wharf!