Friday, February 1, 2013

Next Big Thing Part 1: Dwarf King

I've been tagged by Stuart to participate in the "Next Big Thing" round robin, so I guess it's my turn to talk about what I'm up to. Since there are several projects, and I would rather give each one full attention, I'll do this as a series of posts, focusing on one project with each post.

To start with, I'd like to talk about a project that I've been working on for about six months already, but has actually only just been announced, as of yesterday: the android game Dwarf King.

Dwarf King happened when Michael of Micabyte Systems contacted me regarding my Windhammer Merit-Award-winning gamebook Peledgathol: The Last Fortress. He approached me about using his engine for Pirates and Traders to turn Peledgathol into a full RPG Strategy game. It took me about 0.37 seconds to reply with a resounding "Hell yes!"

Why will Dwarf King be awesome?

* Expanded RPG Story: Dwarf King is based on the award winning story of Peledgathol: The Last Fortress, and uses a gamebook-style interface to give the player an immersive, interactive fiction experience. The story is massively expanded, with the introductory storyline alone reaching the entire wordcount of the original.

* Over 30 Characters: The story will have over thirty characters, each of whom has character art, names and backstories. Many of these characters can be recruited into your party. Furthermore, in the Gold Edition (paid version) you as the player can also create your own characters.

* Party-Based Adventures: Gather a small party of dwarf adventurers, or recruit allies from neighboring factions and go on adventures into the dangerous wilderness around your fortress. Uses Micabyte System's original "Small Battles" combat system to handle party combat.

* Strategic Kingdom-Building Simulation: Manage your resources, explore the surrounding countryside, defeat threats and expand your influence in order to guide your fledgling Dwarf Hall to glory and renown--or watch it all come crumbling down around your ears with a wholly original civilization development gameplay system.

* Massive Battles: Bring your armies to bear against the forces of darkness, or against those pointy-eared elven fops across the river, or really against whoever you happen to not like today, using a modified version of Micabyte System's "Small Battles" combat system. Prepare to defend your fortress against an epic siege before the game is done.

* Faction Relationships: Negotiate, trade and war with your neighbors, or play them off against each other--but always keep an eye to the north, because sooner or later Goza the Goblin will find you and try to finish the job he started when he killed the rest of your family.

* Item Creation and Crafting: True to the roots of your good dwarven ancestors, take advantage of a rich crafting system to create arms and equipment for yourself and your loyal followers.

* Stunning Artwork: No expense has been, or will be, spared to bring you the most beautiful artwork that money can buy--and lots of it. Our team of talented artists will bring this world to life.

* Play it on your Android: An adventure in the palm of your hand, unlike anything else on the market for Android today.

Stay tuned by following Micabyte's blog, or the Dwarf King Facebook Page. We will regularly post teaser artwork and bits of world lore to feed your growing curiousity. Expect release sometime in 2013.