Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lost Cavern has returned!

Fantastic news, everyone! About four years ago, my computer was stolen, causing me to lose hundreds of hours of work, and prompting me to switch to cloud storage permanently. I JUST NOW discovered that I had actually emailed one of those projects to a friend right before the computer was lost. I HAVE IT BACK!

Of the two projects I lost, the one I had put more time into was an RPG Maker VX game which was very dear to my heart. Between losing 3/4 of the progress I'd made on it, and finding myself dismayed by how time consuming building games in RPGmaker is, I abandoned the project after losing it.

But ever since then, that story has remained in my mind. Recently, I've started writing it down (one scene each day, as a warmup... this is the story I posted about a couple days ago). Working on the written version of the story reminded me of the game, and I went back and played the original brief bit I still had.

Reminded of how sad and frustrated I was by losing the rest of it that I had worked so hard on, I made one more attempt to search through email to see if I'd ever sent it to anyone. I don't know why I didn't find it four years ago, when I was desperate to recover this stuff, right after my computer was stolen. But somehow, I found it this time. WIN!

By the way, if anyone wants to play chapter one of a jrpg-style game I made, the files are linked below.

First, you have to download the game engine and install it, so you can play the game at all. Then you have to download my module.

Step 1: download the rtp (the game engine) here:

Step 2: Unzip it and double-click Setup.exe to install it

Step 3: download my story module here:

Step 4: Unzip it and double Click Lost Cavern.exe to unpack those files

Step 5: Open the new Lost Cavern folder and click Game.exe to run it.


  1. Ashton, there are a few different platforms available at the rtp (game engine) link you provided: RPG Maker VX ACE, RPG Maker VX, RPG Maker XP and RPG Maker 2003. Which one is needed to run your story module?

    1. I believe the one you're looking for is RPG Maker VX.

      Hey, excited to see you taking an interest in this! Let me know what you think!

    2. I played for about 45 minutes, Ashton. I believe that I got as far as you've built the game: I got permission to go into the mines, but I couldn't go in and I got to the memory of their childhood, but couldn't go any further. Is that how far the game goes?

    3. Hmm... it sounds like maybe a good chunk of the game did still get lost. It should go on past that, through their childhood memory, back to the future, and to the point where you can leave the town and make some progress through the tunnels on your way to the other city.

      Damn, that's a disappointment. Oh well, I mean, it wasn't complete anyway. But at least this version has more than the last one I had been able to recover.

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