Dwarf King

Dwarf King

Dwarf King is an in-progress Android game being developed by Micabytes, with writing and story by myself. Micabyte has it scheduled for release once the updated engine is completed with the release of Pirates and Traders 2. Meanwhile, I'm working on the story.

The plan is to release it in parts. Part 1 will be mostly narrative, covering the escape of the dwarves from their ancestral homeland. It's a strongly narrative piece, with the gameplay revolving around caravan mechanics and party management. Part 2 will come in, later this year or next year, with the full civilization-building, strategy, and tactical battle map systems.

Here are some development pictures from the upcoming game.

Two of the characters. There are nine NPCs you can recruit, each with four images showing differnet moods.
Ghuzdim Halfjaw - Fiercely loyal bodyguard

Tiren Tinaria - Skilled young apprentice

Here is an example of the beautiful art provided by our artist. Scenes from the narrative will be punctuated with full-color illustrations to add flavor and mood to the game.
The Queen of the Dwarves delivers bad news